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Flightgate Ltd arrived from a real-world UAS perspective across the construction and renewable energy sector. We found that there was limited practical UAS training available that met the need of each industry and lacked a pathway of employment opportunities.  


The Flightgate team started by looking at the industry-wide network of training operators. We wanted people to understand the challenges of operating UAS in commercial operational environments.


As we developed from our sister company Eco Mirage Ltd working in the renewable energy and construction sector. We quickly became aware that there is a lack of skilled drone pilots for these sectors. 


So we designed the practical training that complimented our Online RAE course partners UAVHUB. Our six years of commercial UAS experience, has allowed us to integrated the online training courses with our practical flight skills training programme. We use the latest drone flight simulators and deliver REAL commercial practical training on REAL live sites as you would on any for any commercial client.

Core Values

Core Values


UAS Drones are part of the solution that has made it easier to inspect buildings safely, carry and deliver valuable medical supplies to inaccessible regions.


Today's utility of drones sees them providing real-time video & imagery to mapping large areas for surveying data. Across many sectors and industries, UAS Drones is rapidly leading the way forward in how we use and need them. 


The fastest growth opportunity comes from businesses as they begin to explore the possibilities of UAS Drones.

 It is expected they'll spend £13 billion on drones and drone applications between now and 2025, putting thousands of them in the sky working in different industries from Amazon to Renewables.


Without a doubt, drone pilots are one of the most fashionable and promising professions today. Job offers for drone pilots are rapidly increasing in the commercial sector.


Hiring drone pilots for business services, such as checking inventory at a construction site or monitoring the condition of crops on a farm, is a reality.

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